Things are quiet and good

Not a lot going on with me. I cut my hair short - all by myself - and I think it came out pretty great. I really like it and its SO much easier to take care of. I've been doing well with my running. I started out just a few weeks ago running 8 minutes and then walking 22 and just yesterday I ran twenty and walked ten! I've been steadily adding a minute or two of walking each run (which is every other day).

I am reading a great book called "Sabriel" by Garth Nix. It's fantasy and REALLY good.

I'm LOVING playing LOTRO. It's so much fun.

My rabbit, the big one, was sick, but is now on the mend so that's very good news.

I love bass

Man i just spent forever playing with our new bass! I love it so much! I learned the bass part to Holiday! So easy. Then Ty picked up the acoustic guitar and we started playing around and it was SOOOOOO fun.

Now i just need to come up with a good name for it....

Dumpster Diving

So today as Ty and I were walking down our street we saw that someone had decided to throw away alot of COOL STUFF-- including another copy of the Silverberg Chemistry book that Ty likes, a cool chair for mom and.....drumroll...a totally beautiful metallic blue bass guitar (complete with case, strap and cord)!!!!

We had to wait to try the guitar till I got home from work - but it works! I immeidately printed out the tab for the bass part of Green Day's Longview and learned it! That's the only way to christen a new bass.

Now we just need a name...

Start with the pot....

Our friends Emily and Mallory brought us a tea set from their trip to San Fransisco and I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am about it. A) I love tea and yet I've never actually had a teapot and B) it's really pretty and has matching cups and I can keep it in it's box and stuff. But for some reason this tea set represents a small way that I can make a step in the direction I want to at home. At the house here everything feels pretty chaotic. I can't really cook (even though I really want to learn how) because the kitchen is always a disaster and my mom is a little too up in my grill so to speak (awesome pun btw) for me to feel comfortable. And it just makes it feel like its hard to get stuff clean, keep it that way and really get life going in a wholesome calm way. There's always SO much noise for one thing. I've decided that i'm going to make the tea set the starting place for getting to do things in a calm orderly fashion. I'm not going to use it except when I'm going to take the time to make the tea, enjoy it and then clean it all up and put it back. I'm going to do this one part of life the way I'd like to do everything else and who knows- maybe I'll start to figure out how to do everything else that way too, mindfully, taking care of what i'm doing and not just getting by...

Don't Fight this

I've recently become aware to humanity's overuse (or really abuse) of the fight half of our flight or flight instinct. If you watch/read/listen to anything coming out of at least american culture you will hear it.

Fight cancer
Fight poverty
fight drugs
fight being overwieght
fight paying to much for car insurance
etc. etc. etc.

Holy crap -  I just dont understand thinking about trying to HEAL yourself as combat. Now, I know there are white blood cells and other facets of the immune system that "fight" intruders- but let the metaphor end there. People need to realize that healing is peace and peace doesn't come from fighting. All you get from fighting is more fighting. That might sound new agey, but if you think about it I think it makes a lot more sense to use a different metaphoric approach to getting stuff done in the world then just a kind of bull in a china shop kind of tactic that we revert to at every turn.

I challenge you - start paying attention for the ads, stories, random strangers and you will hear this all the time- this idea that if you don't like something you should just kick it until it's dead- because that fixes EVERYTHING

Now, I'm not suggesting we fight this kind of idea. I think that just noticing how prevalent it is in our society, it will kind of make it not as powerful in our own lives and that perhaps all of us can stop thinking of fighting the world, just start living as part of it instead.

Year Four

Ty and I came back from our anniversary trip! We've been married four years now! We've done this twice before, but what we did is we walked the huckleberry trail a 6 mile trail from blacksburg to christiansburg and then stayed in the hotel that Ty first stayed in when he came to visit me. we also got dinner and saw a movie. It was an awesome time, though I'm super tired today. It was much easier doing the walk then the other times since we've been walking every other day, so that was cool-- but the heat was AWFUL! We're now off to go see fireworks!


Well, I'm putting editing my first book on hold for right now to continue the story. At first I was really hesitant to go on because I wanted the first book more ironed out, but I see now that It will need more ironing out after the second part, so it makes sense to just go forward, see what happens and then go back. I will probably also keep editing as a break from writing too.

I wrote chapter one of the second book today! It was really fun!

You know what else is cool? Science. Been reading my Biology book recently and enjoying myself.